Finishing options - Cans

Make your can unique with individual finishing options!

You want differentiate your product through a distinctive design? The Pirlo Group offers numerous options for exclusive finishing to make your packaging stand out on retail shelves, enabled through high-quality printing, varnishing and embossing.

Printing and varnishing

Tinplate presents a unique challenge for printing, as it does not absorb ink in the way paper and other materials do. We master this challenge every day.

Our new offset printing machine is highly efficient and capable of applying 6 colours on metal sheets in a single run. It can simultaneously apply standard colours from the CMYK range and special colours. The rich and intense colours of containers “made by Pirlo” ensure that your product attracts the necessary attention at the point of sale.

Custom varnishing can provide additional design effects. Whether matt or glossy, or both combined - our varnishing puts the spotlight on your product.


We will gladly finish your product with custom embossing. Whether raised or recessed, logo or text, embossing on packaging “made by Pirlo” boosts the brand recognition of your product makes it a haptic experience for consumers.

Finishing options at a glance:


  • 4C printing: exact colour representation in standard colours (CMYK)
  • Pantone colours: specific colour selection enabled through special colours


  • Matt
  • Glossy
  • Spot varnish
  • Glazing
  • UV code


  • Custom symbols

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