Innovation in metal and plastic packaging

We make new things happen! Clever and marketable packaging innovations for our customers

Every Pirlo product is backed by its employees, as every new product or technology must be developed by creative minds. With our more than 100 years of experience, the result is an outstanding packaging solution.

Pirlo has developed numerous new and improved solutions in metal and plastic packaging. Our specialists drive these innovations in partnership with our customers.

National and international awards

Pirlo has received nominations and awards for its outstanding packaging solutions for many years. Here are some of the our recent awards:

(PP laminat Tube)
WorldStar Award – Packaging Materials & Components
2019Dr. Armah’s
Lavolta cream tin
Can of the Year Award – Gold (general line)

Kronenöl brand relaunch

NFC - tag for metal packaging

Body-Oil spray bottle

premium edible oil

Special Smart Packaging Award "Brand Packaging"/A

Smart Packaging finalist
„Special Digitisation Prize“/A


Commenddation for exemplary packaging/A


Can of the Year Award – gold (category print & litho packaging category)
Can of the Year Award – silver (category food)

2017Chalk tubeWorld Star Award

Protect Yourself Tube


GAEA olive oil can


Shaped Can

Chalk tube

Can  for hot filling

WorldStar Award - Health & Beauty

WorldStar Award - Food

WorldStar Award - Food

WorldStar Award - Point of Sale

State Prize from Smart Packaging/A

Commendation for Exemplary Packaging/A

Nomination for special Smart Packaging Prize Innovation/A



Can  for hot filling

Green Packaging Award

German Packaging Award
Can of the Year Award – gold (category food)